CAT Award Nominations

Torchlight Theatre could use your help to spread the word about our little theatre company to the north! TLT is part of the Calgary Alliance of Community Theatres.  Every year in August we come together to celebrate the season's outstanding productions at the annual CAT AWARDS.  The nominations for these awards are made buy the community of viewers!  If you enjoyed any of the shows you saw from our second season, please nominate us for an award. Your vote really makes a difference and helps get the word out about all that Torchlight Theatre is doing.  

Please follow the link and fill out the online form.  All the information that you'll need is below!

Thank you all again for joining us in the seats as our audience, we simple wouldn't exist without you!
Chelsea Restall
Mollie Ralston
Jeff Conrad
Giles Ralston
Jesse Peachment
Det. Sergeant Trotter
Mark Fraser
Christopher Wren
Janae Crawford
Garry Buzzard
Cesar Salvater Jr.
Mr. Paravicini
Thia Sterling
Mrs. Boyle
Lizzy Evashkevich
Jennifer Yeung
Stage Manager
Show More
Benjamin Jones
Elizabeth Ferguson
Haley Day
Stage Manager
Lizzy Evashkevich
Show More
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