Production & Design Team Positions

Production Manager

The Production Manager acts as the interface between the Board of Directors and the crew of the show. The key role of the producer is to manage the production team with a balanced budget and support the Director in the realisation of their vision. Critical skills for a producer are project management and the ability to bring a team together towards the same goal. An understanding of the technical aspects of the theatre is very helpful, as well as gaining satisfaction from seeing a huge project come together under your direction.

Technical Director

The Technical Director is perhaps the best description of a Jack of All Trades.  This positions is for someone who has a good grasp of the technical side of the production.  They will work with all design directors to fulfill the artistic vision while working closely with the Producer and Director.


It is the director's responsibility to bring together the playwright's story and the actor's ideas into a cohesive theatrical experience. This requires collaboration with designers, research into the script, strong leadership skills and the ability to work with a wide variety of personality types. It is also the responsibility of the Director to match suitable actors with appropriate roles.

Stage Manager

The stage manager is often the unsung hero of the theatrical world.  During rehearsals, the Stage Manager works closely with the director to record the details of the show and to communicate information between the producer, the director and the cast of the show to mediate all of the varied needs of the show. During the run of show, it is the responsibility of the Stage Manager to maintain the director's vision and ensure a smooth run of the show.

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer creates a lighting concept for the show based on and supporting the costume design, set design and the Director's vision. The Lighting Designer must complement all the aspects of the show within the limitations of the available equipment and budget.

Sound Design

The Sounds Designer creates an audio concept for the show, including the needs and placements of microphones and speakers as well as required sound effects to fulfill the artistic vision of the Director. Often the Sound Designer also runs the sound board during the run of the show.

Prop Designer

The Prop Designer is responsible for the designing and/or acquiring props that meet with the Director's vision.  Typically, the Prop Designer will beg, borrow, buy or make everything with their team and is often present backstage to monitor the props placement, needs and storage.

Set Designer

Set Designers are tasked with the challenge of creating a concept and set that mirrors the director's artistic vision, taking into account the available space and budget. The Set Designer must create a model that easily communicates the final set. Often the Set Designer will also construct the set, so construction skills are a definite asset.

Set Builder/Scenic Carpenter

The Set Builder or Scenic Carpenter interprets the set designer's drawings and set model into a functional set and consults with the set designer. The Scenic Carpenter assembles the set at the theatre, with the assistance of other volunteers, often from the cast. There is often cross over with Set Painting and Dressing.

Set Painter

The Set Painter is responsible for the painting and decorating of the set and is responsible for painting and texturing backdrops, furniture, flats and set pieces. There is often cross over with Set Dressing.

Set Dresser

The set Dresser is responsible for accessories and decorations on the set, for example curtains and other physical objects that are not used as props. There is often cross over with Set Painting and Set Construction.

We are currently looking to fill our design team positions for our upcoming 2019/2020 season.  Below you will find a list of positions that are available.  If you are interested in being a part of our design team,

please click here, send us an email and let's chat!

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